A day with Angels, mindfulness and painting

A wonderful inspirational day and you will paint your own Guardian Angel.

Do you long for space to breath and connect with yourself? Join me in a one day intuitive painting workshop adventure as we explore and connect with your angels and guides. This is a time to playfully connect, explore and paint as you remember what it feels like to trust your inner guidance and make space to explore your own creativity.

You will learn simple techniques to connect with your heart center and your guides. This is a time to nourish your soul and give yourself the space to breath and find your center once more.

The day begins with a guided meditation and the participants are put in a mood.

We lay Angelcards and tune into their the love, and guidance. The readings are a fun and powerful way to connect with the Angels and Spirit Guides to support you in life. The messages are always gentle, and gives guidance and direction. The Angels love to talk about the grand scheme of things and the bigger pictures.

There will be exercises and we open up for their contact and guidance. We go around the circle steps to connect, play, layer, dreaming, and celebration. The intuition develops and under the day you will become a channel for spiritual painting. All in a playful way on your spiritual journey. The workshop gives you tools for your personal development. Great for those who need power to get started, and inspiration in life.

Who is this for?

No art experience is necessary, just an open heart and a willingness to explore something more as we discover a new space in our lives. Creative women at all levels. We paint while we have a lots of fun.

Time: 10.00 am – 1:00 pm (10-13)

The price is 30 Eur and includes coffee/tea & fruit

Please contact for upcoming workshops!


Address: Benidorm, Altea, Albir, La Nucia, Polop in Spain   Phone: +34 642 491 769