A spiritual day with fortune telling in the nature

The goddesses in us make the souls blossom as we dive into the dressing trunk and adorn us with funny clothes, hats and delicious jewelry.

We fill the baskets with tarot and angel cards, runes, pendulums, fortune telling games, and other exiting things.

With the baskets in our hand, we go out into the amazing scenery for a lovely picnic. There we spread the blankets and enjoy a day in the beautiful nature.

We talk about our dreams and the future. We meditate and listen to what the angels and spirit guides wants to tell us.

Much laughter, joy, and lots of lovely fun. For our participants, the excursions will be an unforgettable memory. Our interests unite and enrich.

A wonderful workshop for us happy ladies.

Time: 10.00 am – 1:00 pm (10-13)

The price is 25 Eur and includes coffee/tea & fruit

Please contact for upcoming workshops!