Mediumship development class (weekly)

This is a beginner class to teach you how to tap into your psychic abilities and read other people in your general life. Topics covered are varied and allow you to experience and learn at your own pace. All classes are informational and experiential. You will be guided to connect with your own spiritual gifts and work with energy techniques to assist you in growth and empowerment in your own lives.

You will be taught techniques on how to further your mediumship even if you are unable to sit in a weekly circle. Learn to tell the difference between what is your imagination and what is being received from the Spirit World. 

You will learn how to work with symbols and triggers to get the thinking mind out of the way as you start the psychic flow of information. This is a hands on practical class and you will learn how to conduct a psychic reading on your fellow classmates.

We will be connecting you to your Spirit Guide and we will discover how to start communicating with your Guide and allowing him to help you with your own intuition.

No previous experience is necessary for this class.  It´s a perfect beginning for people who wish to enhance their energy healing, develop their mediumship, or to ultimately work as a professional psychic. 

Recommended activities to accompany this course

  • Developing a regular meditation routine
  • Keeping a journal of your psychic experiences/dreams
  • Practise using the tools learnt with friends and family

Weekly commitment: in addition to weekly classes, you will have reading homework (30-40 minutes) and an experiential assignment. As in all study, good preparation and diving deeply into the work will translate into a more rapid development of your psychic and mediumistic abilities. 

Things to bring: Journal or notebook (for recording lecture notes, personal reflections, and your messages from Spirit), your favorite water bottle, and a positive state of mind!

Pre-registration is required

Time: 10 – 13
Instructor: Charlotte
Fee: € 25.00

No persons using recreational or mind altering drugs on a regular basis can be considered for courses held at the Holistic Oasis in Albir. This includes the abuse of alcohol.


Address: Benidorm, Altea, Albir, La Nucia, Polop in Spain   Phone: +34 642 491 769