Manifest Your Life Desires with a vision board

A Vision Board to help you get exactly what you want!

Who are you when you’re in full bloom? We will focus on this issue during this workshop. At the same moment, we get started, the answers will come from our heart.

Clues pop up when we collect our material and keep the question open. We enter the creative process and listen within us. Thoughts come and attract our attention. At the same moment you are dreaming of dreams, you become like a manifestation magnet.

Creating dreams is a simple, magical and creative action that invites more of what we want in our lives while serving as a powerful self-reflection tool. With the help of simple tools, participants are presented in a process of desires and creation. It will be a meeting with others in a new way and together we will give power to the participants’ dreams.

We explore meditation and other exercises, and approach the activity in a mindful way that gives space for presence, creativity and joy.

We draw, cut, paint & write in word and image how we want to create our lives and our future. We discuss and help each other, laugh and have fun.

Time: 10.00 am – 1:00 pm (10-13)

The price is 30 Eur and includes coffee/tea & fruit

Please contact for upcoming workshops!