Spiritual consultations

It is the aim of Spiriella to demonstrate sensitivity, mediumship and trance of the highest standard.

For those consulting a psychic/medium for the first time, we ask you to come to your sitting with an open mind and a willingness to participate. The minimum age to attend a consultation is 18 years.


Before booking a consultation, decide what it is you require from the session. Do you want evidence of survival, spiritual guidance or practical advice?

When you go for your appointment, allow yourself enough time to arrive punctually and also try to ensure that you are in as calm a state as possible before you go in. If you are feeling rushed and harassed, the psychic/medium may this pick up and your agitated state could be reflected in the reading.

Communicate your needs clearly if asked by the psychic/medium, but be aware that the answers given might be different to those which you are expecting. It does sometimes happen that the psychic/medium will receive information for the sitter which may be what they need to know at that time, as opposed to what they have asked to know.


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