Spiritual Events (weekly)

Spiritual classes & workshops in Spain

Are you interested in developing your psychic skills in  Spain?  Learning how to tune in to your intuition, extrasensory perception, and sixth sense?

In Albir we have various events. They are held throughout the year to encourage spiritual growth and development with group discussions and community gatherings to satisfy you on your “Spiritual Journey” for knowledge and enlightenment. Many of us has unanswered questions about life and our spiritual connection.

Some people are born with their psychic abilities active and as a natural part of their lives. Others need to work harder to obtain results. Having a positive attitude and learning to relax, imagine and trust will help to develop your own.

Each “Event” is a practical introduction to accessing and developing your own psychic awareness. Covering questions and areas such as;

  • Law of attraction, does it work?
  • What is Karma?
  • Protection and grounding?
  • What happens when people they die?
  • How do you cleanse and clear your home?
  • Do affirmations really work?
  • What are the Akashic Records?
  • What is smudging?
  • What about faith?
  • How to clear your home, office and other spaces?
  • What’s a psychic medium?
  • What’s earthbound spirit, lost soul and entities?
  • What is an aura?
  • Do our dreams mean anything?
  • What is a soul?
  • Are angels, spirit guides, guardian angels and fairies real?
  • What are chakras?
  • What about past lives?
  • How can we heal the body?
  • What is the significance of colors?
  • What’s a life review?
  • How do you know spirits are around you?
  • How do you connect to the Other Side?
  • Does meditation work?
  • What are the levels of the auric field?
  • Do we reincarnate?
  • How can you send healing energy to another person
  • What are the messages and signs?
  • Learn how to connect to your guides to get guidance
  • Learn how to do an intuitive reading of another person
  • Learn how to rid yourself of other people’s energy
  • Learn how to perform an Angel Reading
  • Learn about Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and Claircognizance. What are they and which one are you?
  • Learn how to use your body to help you make decisions and choices
  • Learn how to strengthen your intuitive abilities and psychic awareness.
  • Learn how to tap into your higher consciousness to get answers to some of your most frequent questions

These are regular weekly meetings and you come along as many times as you like. No previous experience is necessary. The events will give you knowledge on all aspects of spirituality, and also you will have the opportunity to meet other like minded people.

Time 2 hours

Price 15 Eur (coffee/tea will be provided)