Spiritual (Home) Party

Fun for you!

Gather your friends or family in your home and enjoy a pleasant evening of insight. As a host, it offers you different activities for your guests during the night. Parties or group sittings can be a great way of celebrating a special event or just an excuse to get friends together.

The spiritual home parties are always heartfelt and uplifting.

Below, you have examples of the party packages. You can also “Design Your own spiritual evening”.

  • Learn how to connect with your Spirit Guide. The evening begins with a Guided meditation and we will see who is psychic in your group. You will also learn about opening up, closing, grounding and protection, it´s important in spiritual work. Charlotte will answer any questions the individuals may have.
  • Learn the ancient art of Tea Leaf Reading. The art of reading tea leaves is referred to Tasseography and is a divination or fortune-telling method. It´s very popular and you´ll learn how to brew a proper cup of tea for a reading and how to set the mood for the inquirer. You will be amazed at what you will see in your cup. After the tea is drunk, Charlotte coaches the participants to see pictures in the leaves in each cup and to intuitively interpret the signs, symbols, and colors presented within the leaves.
  • Learn how to connect with your Guardian Angels to receive your own messages. The Angel card readings provide you with information, guidance, and advice from your spirit guides and angels. Helping you to know that your ascension process is undisturbed and making sure that there aren’t any blockages on your path.  The cards will be explained and the proper technique for doing a card reading will be shown.
  • Learn the basics of using the Pendulum in your everyday life. Pendulums are used as a divination (a foretelling) tool and are an excellent means of developing your intuitive powers. Pendulums are a great tool that can be used in confusing times where you need yes or no answers. In the pendulum dowsing event, you will learn how to choose, bless and use a pendulum and then try it out in a variety of ways. The ability to dowse is a skill which we can all develop. Bring your own pendulum or you can purchase one at the event.

The parties take 2-3 hours and 4-10 people at the events.

25 Eur/person

If you are interested in booking an event or would like to have a workshop in your home or business, please contact for more information and availability.

Address: Benidorm, Altea, Albir, La Nucia, Polop in Spain   Phone: +34 642 491 769