Mindfulness and connecting with Horses

Mindfulness, connecting and healing through contact with horses.

That animal can be used to help people feeling better is nothing new. We know dolphins, horses, and dogs as therapists. All animals have basically healing powers.

However, healing and mindfulness through horses is something very special. Horses are sensitive and they reflect people and are unique therapists, and we communicates with the horse on a deeper level. Horses can change people and also help us discover hidden parts in ourselves.

We take advantage of the natural traits that horses have; to get people to let go of everything around us and focus on the moment. This is whether we are sitting on the back of the horse, standing or walking next to it. They teaches us to let go of everything.

With the help of the horses, we can focus on our attention. Through the mindfulness exercise, we consciously pay attention to breathing, sound, and our own body. We devote ourselves to meditative exercises that make us more harmonious and relaxed. The activity also gives the participant insight into how to use mindfulness exercises in everyday life.

You will meet our nice and social horses and experience the energy-healing effects. They reflect our feelings, behaviors and help in the healing process.

We also walk with the horses in the nature, and there you can lead a horse and take in their power and energy.

No previous knowledge required. We learn together from where we are.

The price is 40 Eur and includes coffee/tea & fruit

A full day workshop. Time: 10.00 am – 1:30 pm (10.00-13.30)

Please contact for upcoming workshops!